Pre-Creation refers to the time before the creation of the dwarves, elves, humans and other common races of present day.

Long ago the gods and godesses came into existence. Over time both alliances and rivalries were forged. For millennia they lived in relative peace, though conflicts arose from time to time. At the behest of Cyfrai, goddess of order, a Council of the Gods was formed. Her idea behind the formation was that it would ensure that any conflicts between the deities would be minimized and would hopefully remain civil. In addition, new ideas could be presented to the Council and acted upon by the various council members.

As time passed a number of deities conceived the idea of creating something of their own. These deities’ names have been nearly erased from the history books of the modern races, as their lust for power over their joint-creation resulted in their downfalls. One such deity first created the earthen world of Sylfaen to house life. Next, another deity added water to Sylfaen to sustain life. Another added a fiery core to Sylfaen to bring warmth and to comfort life. And finally, the last unnamed deity provided air to the world, so that life could breathe.

Author’s Note:
Now, dear reader, one may ask ‘Is this not Pre-Creation? Yet this passage appears to be about creating life.’ Well, yes. Part of Pre-Creation was about creating the world of Sylfaen and its first life. What Creation refers to is the creation of the modern peoples such as the Dwarf, Elf and Human to start, along with the eventual creation of the Gnome and Halfling. It may be a bit pretentious, but history has always shown that it is written by the victors as opposed to the defeated, and no such races are currently more victorious than the Dwarf, Elf and Human. Now we shall return to the rest of the story of Pre-Creation.

After the entirety of Sylfaen was created, next came the beings that were to live upon it. The deities who had helped create the world each desired to fill it with their own beings. And so the primordial beings of earth, water, fire and air were born.


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