Also known as “Moonborn,” these individuals hold within themselves an elemental power related to whichever of the four moons was Full during their birth.

Ashborn; Windborn; Stoneborn; Wetborn

Clouded Origins
No one quite knows why someone is born of the elements. What is known is that an elementborn can only be born on the evening of a full moon. The moon that is full determines which type is born — Fajro breeds Ashborn, Anemos breeds Windborn, Choma breeds Stoneborn, and Ygros breeds Wetborn. Even with a full moon, this is not a typical occurrence. There are only a small percentage of folks who are of elemental birth.

A Blessing or a Curse?: Treatment of Elementborn by Race
“See that feller over there with the heatwaves comin’ off’a him? That there be one of them Ashborns. He thinks he’s so great. But he’s no gooder than a dragon. How we know that he won’t burn tha whole damn place down with a sneeze?!” —Ithmar “Grampy” Marblehorn, town curmudgeon

An elementborn’s race, location, or even what type they are can have great impact on whether they are revered or condemned by others.

Generally speaking, dwarves treat elementborn as a blessing to their clan with the exception of windborn. Stoneborn often gain leadership positions in their clans, whether in the military, craftsman guilds, or even politics. Ashborn dwarves oftentimes grow up to be great smiths of the clan due to their familiarity with the heat and flame of the forge. Wetborn are often welcome, too, as water is essential to the survival of any living being, making them a useful resource to the clan. Windborn are seen as unnatural, as most dwarves like their two feet firmly planted to the ground at all times. Because of this, most windborn dwarves are outcasts and more often than not end up leaving their homes for more accepting societies.

Elves are in tune with nature and all four of the elements, allowing them to see all elementborn as blessings. Usually with any of the four elements good can arise from its power. In particular, though, fire is often seen as nature’s way to reset itself, allowing new growth to rise once the ash has washed away. Unfortunately some ashborn elves see this as an opportunity to do nature’s work for Tyrmor, and become a bit destructive and maniacal with their “cleansing” ways.

Already magically inclined by nature, gnomes relish the idea of being linked to any of the elements. Those lucky enough to be elementborn are treated with the greatest respect and curiosity by other gnomes. And although it doesn’t seem possible, there always seems to be a regular gnome or two attempting to tinker his way into becoming an elementborn himself.

An elementborn half-elf has the same problems as a regular half-elf, only magnified. There are places where they may be happily accepted, while other places may drive them away or worse…

Elementborn half-orcs have similar problems to those of elementborn half-elves. Non-orc humanoids see elementborn half-orcs as tainted humans but with an even more daunting appearance. Because of this most people fear them, and any one foolish enough to stick around long either gets killed or run out of town.

The treatment of half-orcs by full-blooded orcs can vary. Some are killed at birth because the chieftain feels threatened by their powers. Some chieftains see the birth of an elementborn as an opportunity to use his power for the good of the tribe. Occasionally an elementborn half-orc climbs his way to the top of the hierarchy and leads the tribe, mostly through fear tactics.

Due to his size, an elementborn halfling is rarely feared by other races. Amongst his own, though, an elementborn is treated with great respect. A large part of the Halfling oral history is the telling of tales of great halfling heroes. Those born elementborn have a greater opportunity to become one of these fabled folk heroes. Unfortunately some elementborn halflings feel the pressure of the situation and either drive themselves mad or become something worse, an anti-social outcast.

How an elementborn human is treated rests on two things, where he lives and how he acts. Where the elementborn lives usually outweighs his actions. For example, an elementborn born in a small village is likely to be treated respectfully within his homeland as long as he returns the favor. However an elementborn traveler to the same village may be feared and treated with caution. Even the friendliest elementborn stranger would likely never be fully accepted into a tight-knit community no matter how long his stay.

Notable Elementborn in the World


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