Geography and Landmarks


The Arcane Wastes

The Arcane Wastes is a place of endless electrical and dust storms, a place of desolate, arid earth, a place of magically floating earthmotes, a place of arcane-infused beasts, and so much more. It is a wasteland that stretches for thousands of miles, created as a result of the Great Mage War.

The Kingdom of Elden

(formerly the Shirelands)

This land consists of nine shires that were each independently ruled until 22 years ago, when they were united as one under the rule of Queen Esobel of Eldenshire.

The Restored Lands

(part of the former Kolgrund Empire)

After the fall of the tyrannical Kolgrund Empire, this region has been gradually returning to its pre-Empire days.

Geography and Landmarks

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