The Great Mage War

This war was actually one long battle fought between three of the most powerful mages in the history of Sylfaen. However due to the significant impact the battle had on the world (the creation of the Arcane Wastes), it was dubbed the Great Mage War.

Where the Arcane Wastes presently lay there was once a vast stretch of land which ranged from the Western Heights to the Forlorn Peaks on the east, from the north at the jungles of the Misty Wilds to the south at the Rimy Bluffs. A nation of self-governed cities and towns known as Ietan rested entirely within the western part of this zone. Much of the inhabitants of the land were chaotic and savage, but free.

From the Misty Wilds came the people of Noc’chtl pushing south and laying claim to the land as they travelled. When they met resistance at the Bellowing Canyons, near the border of Ietan, they were content to remain where they were. Meanwhile, the Kolgrund Empire was at the height of its power. Seeing open land west of the Forlorn Peaks, King Balur seized the opportunity to take control of the unclaimed territory. The dwarves too met resistance once they reached the canyons.

It was only natural that a neutral space emerged between the three factions; a city atop the Bellowing Canyons named Martivir, the Draconic word for “peace.” The city was divided into three outer districts, each one controlled by a different faction, and one central district used for trade and diplomatic meetings. For years there was a relatively calm peace, but still a staunch rivalry existed.

No rivalry was stronger than the one between the most powerful mages of each nation: Ojamar the Plum, a human man of Noc’chtl, Vortitrix the Shrewd, a female half-elf of Ietan, and Benjak the Daring, a male dwarf of the Kolgrund Empire. All three were powerful, arrogant, and obsessed with their own greatness.

Public insults regularly flew between the three of them within Martivir. And finally one day a challenge was offered. The three would show off their arcane mastery within the canyons. Not one of them thought to hold back, and if they had a chance, would eliminate the other two.

The battle started with a bang as conjured energies flew between the mages: fireballs, lightning bolts, meteor showers, and so on. From there matters only got more violent. It was obvious that the mages cared little for their surroundings or the people who may have been in attendance. Pieces of the canyon were ripped down and flung at one another. Giant monsters were summoned from other planes. The canyon boomed and shook with every attack.

Soon chunks of canyon were falling on their own from the immense vibrations caused by the brawl when suddenly something terrible happened. The earth beneath Martivir, the city on the edge of the canyon, crumbled to pieces, and the city tumbled down into the canyon sending anyone left in the city to their deaths. The onlookers fled in horror. The mages paid no mind as they were completely infatuated with their own efforts. This is not to say Martivir’s demise went unnoticed; they just didn’t care.

Ojamar took to the air and fled the canyon. So Vortitrix and Benjak followed. And so the fight continued well into the night. By then there was not a soul in sight, save the three mages. Even so, the magnitude of their actions caused the land to tremble for thousands of miles in every direction like an earthquake. Trees were ripped from their roots. Animals were transmuted and used as weapons. The mages transformed themselves into wondrous beings to gain whatever advantages they could imagine. As time went on their hatred for one another only grew, as did their determination.

Dawn arrived, and yet the battle surged on. All three were physically exhausted but still infused with magic. In one final effort the three simultaneously unleashed their most powerful attacks, pouring all of their might into them. The arcane energies struck one another with great ferocity but none dominated more than the other. As the halted energy grew and grew, they pushed even more ferociously trying to gain the upper hand. The ball of energy shone brighter every second when the whole thing fizzled out in startling silence.

The three looked at each other for but a moment when the epicenter of their efforts let out a blinding flash followed by a monumental blast. Ojamar, Vortitrix, and Benjak were instantly vaporized. The land collapsed in on itself a hundred miles wide, and sunk several miles deep. The energy blast reached far beyond the newly formed crater, instantly devastating the lands for thousands of miles in all directions. Every living thing, whether plant, animal, insect, or person, within the blast’s range was instantly obliterated. Beyond the blast, buildings and other features of the land collapsed or were severely damaged from the seismic activity.

And so the Arcane Wastes were born…

The Great Mage War

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