Pre-Creation (Note: All dates are approximate within the closest 10,000 years.)

(-2,500,000 AU)
The gods create Sylfaen and the primordial beings which inhabit it.

Age of Creation (Note: All dates are approximate within the closest 10,000 years.)

(-500,000 AU)
The first prehistoric Elves are formed from the surface flora.

The first prehistoric Dwarves are formed from the stone and earth.

The first prehistoric Dark Elves are formed from the subterranean fungi.

(-250,000 AU)
The smaller folk of the Elf and Dwarf species begin to differentiate themselves from their larger brethren resulting in the Pebble Dwarf and the Tree Elf.

(-200,000 AU)
Gela, goddess of warmth and light, convinces Smeden to reveal the secret of the surface to his Dwarves, causing some to climb upwards towards the great light above. This results in the modern day Dwarf that resides just below the surface.

Some dwarves reject Smeden’s proclamation and are tricked by the archdevil Gorm. These dwarves stay below and some delve even deeper, both developing into the Duergar.

The Pebble Dwarf also hears the call from Smeden about the surface world. Those who climb up find themselves intermingling with the Tree Elves. Through crossbreeding, over time the two smallfolk become indistinguishable from one another resulting in a new species known simply as Gnome.

A number of Pebble Dwares also become tricked by Gorm, becoming twisted and evil versions of their former selves. They are now more commonly known as Deep Gnomes.

The first prehistoric Humans evolve from the fauna of Sylfaen.

(-100,000 AU)
The smaller folk of the human species begin to differentiate themselves from their larger brethren, becoming the first Halflings.

Age of Order (AO)
The Age of Order came about when the Elves and Dwarves grew more civilized as species and began recording a written history. It was the Elves who first used the moons and seasons to create the first calendar system. The Dwarves eventually created their own calendar too, but it wasn’t as popular among the surface dwellers.

1 AO (-6458 AU)
The Elf Calendar is created and given the label Age of Order.

(-955 AU)
The Humans become civilized and organized enough for the Elves and Dwarves to respect them as a species, and both Elves and Dwarves begin civil interaction with the Humans.

(-547 AU)
The Shirelands are formed. Various human folk unite into factions along the eastern coast of the continent of Osera waging war amongst themselves, and establish their territorial bounds known as shires.

6898 AO (-107 AU)
Balur Kolgrund unites the Dwarven Lands as one and forms the Kolgrund Empire. Aggressive expansion of the empire ensues. He enslaves thousands of non-dwarves.

6903 AO (-102 AU)
The elf city of Erhothaes suffers the Great Extermination of Balur the Mighty.

(-19 AU)
The trading and military outpost of Fellwort is founded by Eldesh soldiers and merchants.

6998 AO (-7 AU)
The War of Lost Souls.

7004 AO (-1 AU)
The Great Mage War. The war lays ruin to thousands of square miles of land west of the Forlorn Peaks, creating The Arcane Wastes. Tens of thousands lose their lives, including many of those who swore fealty to King Balur Kolgrund.

Age of Unity (AU)
After the devastation caused by the Great Mage War, the people of Sylfaen united to bring peace and prosperity to the world. In honor of this the humans of the Shirelands adopted a new calendar and named it the Age of Unity. Although true peace amongst all of the people lasted only a few decades, the present day human calendar continues to be used by both human and dwarf. Most elf settlements continue to go by the old Elf-created calendar.

1 AU (7005 AO)
The Kolgrund Empire falls. The cities of The Dwarven Lands revert to independent kingdoms. All Empire influence outside of the Dwarven Lands crumbles, creating numerous independent settlements to the south and north.

228 AU (7232 AO)
Obthic retires from adventuring and settles in Pinecrest.

253 AU (7257 AO)
Present Day


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