Elemental Tides

Obthic is Missing!

As you wipe the splatter of goblin guts off of yourselves and your weapons, you wonder what in the gods’ names did you get yourselves into? And what did Obthic get himself into? It was just a few months back that you were a part of the most renowned traveling show in the region, the Traveling Wonders of Maxius Sklounst featuring the Circus of Splendiferousness. But now you’re here, skulking further into the darkness of the old Kolgrund Empire’s slave pit because the old dwarf went and got himself all vanished-like.

The original plan, of course, was to meet up with Obthic. He said he had an idea to help you reclaim your place in the world. But when you arrived in Pinecrest yesterday, the steward of the little village informed you that Obthic had already been missing for a week. Rumors were that Hazkal, the dragon he raised from a hatchling, had finally lost his temper and killed the old bard.

“What else could it be?” they said. Ever since the dragon was driven from town, Obthic would check in on Hazkal twice a month in his new lair, the abandoned Angand’s Mine. But the old dwarf would always return within a week. This time he did not. Steward Greystone, however, did not believe such rumors. He instead feared the recent nearby goblin activity had something to do with it.

“Besides,” he said, “tha’ ol’ slave pit is on the way to Angand’s Mine anyway. If that Stinkstalker tribe ain’t ta blame, ya can always go see Hazkal afters ya take care of them gobbies.”

And here you are, the days events rapidly cycling through your heads: seeing the large scorch marks on the path earlier in the day. Marks of dragon breath or something else? Do goblins even know how to make fire? And then the obvious tracks of something being dragged on the path towards the slave pit. Was it a body of some sort? A person or an animal? Or was it something completely mundane like a sack of onions? Who knows? The odor of goblinstink fills your nose now. More of them are nearby. Maybe these gobs know where Obthic is…


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