Vital Statistics

The Symbol of Daor

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Domains: Destruction, Evil, Fire, Law, War

Portfolio: Punishment, Servitude, Flagellation, Conquest

Worshipers: Evil Humanoids, Neo-Kolgrund Dwarves

Favored Weapon: Whip

Titles: The Master, Godflayer, The Lord of the Chained


In the wars that raged during Pre-Creation, Daor was one of the lieutenants that fought against Teosek and the council of gods. A ruthless devil, he slew many in his quest to earn the favor of his masters and grew in power as the battles raged on.

When the final battle purged many of the deities from Sylfaen and the Age of Creation began, Daor was quick to strike down his peers and rise to power to fill the void the Purgation created. He continued to fight against the Greater Deities in the early days of Creation but with limited success. He was particularly tormented by Saori, whose dominion over chaos and free will enraged him.

When he and Saori finally met on the battlefield, they fought for seventy days, neither giving quarter. Their great struggle rent the earth, carving mighty mountains and jagged crevices. Finally, with a mighty blow, Daor’s whip snaked around Saori’s neck, choking her. In that moment, Saori called upon all her power to entrap Daor. At great cost to herself, for Daor would not relinquish his grip upon her, Saori bound Daor to the very mountain on which they stood, chaining him to the stone with unbreakable bonds.

To this day, it is believed that Daor and Saori are still trapped somewhere within the Forlorn Peaks, battling eternally.


Daor is an enormous humanoid creature with clawed feet, talons upon his fingers, and large bat-like wings. His red flesh is stretched tightly over powerful muscles and numerous horns and bone-like protrusions erupt from bloody wounds, as though his body cannot contain his own power. In one hand, he wields a giant whip created from the skin of victims he has flayed. In the other, he holds a fiery brand that he uses to sear his mark into the skin of his most devoted followers.


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