Deities of Sylfaen

Amongst all of the deities, the Greater ones are the most powerful of their kind, and the most worshiped by the various peoples of Sylfaen. There are grand temples built in their honor, and numerous festivals and holidays throughout the year celebrating their greatness.

Though the Greater Deities are most popular amongst the general public, Intermediate Deities remain popular too. These deities are often called upon to bless specific tasks (ie. calling upon Bogadh, god of travel, before leaving on a lengthy journey). Large followings for such deities exist but are rare. Because of this, smaller shrines are usually built rather than the larger temples of the Greater Deities.

Lesser Deities are worshiped much like Intermediate Deities, asked to bless specific tasks. If any large followings or temples exist for such deities, they are likely one of a kind. Even a small shrine for a Lesser Deity is a rare sight.

The Forgotten and Lost Deities are just that, though not entirely. Occasionally a cult of some sort in some remote land will still remember and worship such a deity.

Most evil deities are not worshiped openly. Secret cults or hidden shrines are the norm. Evil deities come in three varieties: Archdevils (Lawful), Archdaemons (Neutral), and Demon Lords (Chaotic).

Below you’ll find a list of the deities in Sylfaen:

Greater Deities
Teosek, LG, god of honor and justice (husband of Gela)
Smeden, LG, god of dwarf creation
Gela, NG, goddess of warmth and light (wife of Teosek)
Saori, CG, goddess of freedom
Chruthu, CG, goddess of elf creation (sister of Fasra)
Cyfrai, LN, goddess of order and civilization
Tyngh, N, goddess of fate
Ciklo, N, god of birth and death
Tyrmor, CN, god of nature and seasons (husband of Fasra)
Draiochto, CN, god of magic
Gorm, LE, archdevil of darkness and shadow
Merwah, NE, archdaemon of undeath
Galar, CE, demon lord of disease

Intermediate Deities
Siochana, LG, goddess of peace
Charia, NG, goddess of love
Bogadh, NG, god of travel and constellations
Koltad, NG, goddess of harvesting
Toori, CG goddess of luck
Imsir, LN, god of time
Eolas, N, god of knowledge
Beroriaeth, N, goddess of music
Fasra, CN, goddess of fey creation (sister of Chruthu)
Krig, CN, dwarven god of battle
Aijena, CN, goddess of the sea
Daor, LE, archdevil of slavery
Macna, NE, archdaemon of lust
Viho, NE, archdaemon of hate
Aranea, CE, demon lord of dark elves
Amashwa, CE, demon lord of misfortune

Lesser Deities
, NG, goddess of family
, CG, goddess of drinking
, LN, god of tactics
, N, god of cunning
, N, goddess of immortality
, CN, goddess of weather
Smahd, LE, archdevil of greed
, LE, archdevil of pride
, NE, archdaemon of sloth
, NE, archdaemon of envy
, CE, demon lord of gluttony
, CE, demon lord of wrath
Fisimungu, CE, demon lord of gnolls

Forgotten or Lost Deities
, NG, goddess of plants
, CG, god of animals
Emos, N, god of wind
Lywra, CN, goddess of the sky (sister of Gela)
Manen, CE, demon lord of the moons

Deities of Sylfaen

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