(formerly the Shirelands)

This land consists of nine shires that were each independently ruled until 22 years ago, when they were united as one under the rule of Queen Esobel of Eldenshire.

Elden is the homeland of the human race in the region, and is made up of nine shires: Eldenshire, Warlingstonshire, Rutherhamshire, Lakeshire, Lerwickshire, Barrowshire, Redshire, Mistshire, and Honeyshire. The country is ruled by Queen Esobel of Eldenshire who conquered the Shirelands 22 years ago. Once in power she instituted a feudal system granting each shire, other than her own, to a noble family of her choosing. However, 15 years ago she left Eldenshire in the hands of her cousin and moved to Redshire, making the coastal city, Faerchester, the capital of her kingdom. There she rules from the safety of her impenetrable keep.

Queen Esobel is a devout worshiper of Cyfrai, the goddess of order and civilization, and uses her knights, the Steel Legion, to keep the peace within her borders. The leaders of the shires dedicate their soldiers to Esobel’s knights. So numerous are the Steel Legion that they are able to patrol every major route within Elden with ease.

Lately a rift has developed between the shires due to Queen Esobel’s harsh treatment of elementborn folk. She recently decreed that all elementborn individuals are required by law to register their name and the element that was born unto them to their local authorities. The noble families of Warlingstonshire, Rutherhamshire, Lakeshire, and Lerwickshire find this act to be sinister in nature, and have banded together to voice their disapproval.


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