Goblin Tribes of Thunderclap

_Numerous goblinoid tribes dot the landscape of the Thunderclap Plains. They like to settle somewhat close to other settlements, though they try to stay far enough away as to hopefully go unnoticed. More often than not, though, they end up becoming a nuisance as they scrounge for materials from the nearby settlements. And this in turn often causes the nearby settlement to eliminate the goblin nuisance, forcing the encroaching tribe to flee to find new territory where they may bother someone else.

Furthermore, goblinoid tribes have been known to suddenly include the addition of hobgoblins and bugbears to their ranks. The method of these additions remain a mystery to scholars, as the only way to study such things would be to embed oneself into goblinoid society.

One such exception to the nomadic ways of the goblin tribes is the hobgoblin-run settlement at the Pit of Fargoon, a sinkhole which formed decades ago within the Thunderclap Plains. This tribe goes by the name of Screamshadow._

The following are some of the known goblin tribes of the Thunderclap Plains.

Goblin Tribes of Thunderclap

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