Nagin Thranaarr

This surly dwarf appears to have come straight from the Quarry as his hands and clothes are still caked with stone dust.

Nagin is a miserable dwarf who is a member of the Guild of Stone. Every day after work he finds himself at the bar of the Dented Shield to drink his frustrations away alongside other like-minded folks. He is a believer in the old days of the Kolgrund Empire and yearns for the return of dwarf domination in the region. Nagin is condescending towards all non-dwarves that he encounters, but he has a special hatred for those of elvish blood.

A few months ago a colleague of Nagin’s arrived from Vorn Moldir to work the Quarry. He brought with him an interesting bounty notice that he found in New Eldenshire, a call for the slaying of a red dragon rumored to be nesting within the abandoned Angand’s Mine. Nagin figured the bounty was for none other than Hazkal, Obthic Grazgthal’s former dragon pet.

Nagin keeps the bounty notice folded up and on his person as he has been slowly recruiting others to join him in the slaying of the red dragon. With the reward he would be able to quit quarrying and return to Vorn Moldir to live a life of ease.

Nagin Thranaarr

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