LN granite quarry village

Government Steward to the Elders of the Ovir Clan (dwarf clan)
Population 164 (131 dwarves, 31 humans, 2 halflings)
Notable NPCs
Steward Hendrik Greystone (LN male dwarf expert 1/warrior 2)
- Appointed Steward of Pinecrest by the Ovir Clan of Vorn Moldir.
- Lone law enforcer of the village.
Hedge Wizard Obthic Grazgthal (NG male dwarf bard 4)
- Currently missing from Pinecrest
Quarrymaster Falgen Bazack (LN male dwarf fighter 1/expert 3)
- Master of the Guild of Stone (Pinecrest granite region)
Priestess Isabelle Hawksinger (NG female human
cleric of Gela 1)
- Wife of Manfred Hawksinger
Sir Manfred Hawksinger (LG male human paladin of Teosek 1)
- Husband of Isabelle Hawksinger
Berengar Longfoot (NG halfling expert 3)
- Lone cobbler of the village.
- Born with exceptionally large feet, like all Longfoots.
- Married to Fara Longfoot.

Base Value 500 gp; Purchase Limit 2,500 gp; Spellcasting 1st
Minor Items 1d4; Medium Items 1d3; Major Items

Lying within the hills of the south end of the Stormcrags and just beyond the border of the Dwarven Lands, Pinecrest sits along the east bank of Ironwood Run at the base of one such hill. Part way up the hill lies a quarry where the Guild of Stone excavates granite dimension stone.

Locales of Interest

  1. Administrator’s Hall
  2. Marketplace
  3. The Dented Shield Tavern, the only watering hole in town, this tavern is the common meeting place of the townsfolk after a long arduous day at the Quarry.
    -Named for the large steel shield that hangs behind the bar, this tavern is run by a retired quarry worker, Thodat Flamearm, a dwarf originally of Gurn Dorul.
  4. The House of Light and Honor
  5. Guildhouse
  6. The Quarry
  7. Obthic’s House
  8. The Docks


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