Vital Statistics

The Symbol of Beroriaeth

Alignment: Neutral

Domains: Air, Charm, Luck, Repose, Trickery

Portfolio: Music, Poetry, Oration, Mischief

Worshipers: Bards, Artists, Jesters

Favored Weapon: Rapier

Titles: Bladesinger, The Minstrel Maiden, Ladybird


Beroriaeth is the record-keeper of the gods, who it is said has recorded all of history in epic song. Truly neutral, she refuses to take a stance in any conflict, preferring to simply watch as events unfold and tell the tales of what transpires. Not above her own petty agendas, however, she has been known to play tricks on other deities who she feels have crossed her and will oftentimes portray them poorly in her musical creations. It is claimed that Aijena once insulted a ballad she had written and so, in recompense, she took away the song of the seabirds and gave them grating voices instead.


Beroriaeth is often depicted as a lady of the nobility who travels with a lute across her back. She is always singing or whistling.


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