Vital Statistics

The Symbol of Bogadh

Alignment: Neutral Good

Domains: Good, Liberation, Travel, Void, Water

Portfolio: Sailing, Stargazing, Exploration, Journeys

Worshipers: Travelers, Wanderers, Nomads, Astronomers, Sailors

Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Titles: The Wanderer, The Great Explorer, Keeper of the Celestial Compass, Artist of the Sky


During the Age of Creation, it is said that Bogadh took pity on the creatures that lay frightened in the dark each night, so he placed the stars in the Heavens to bring them comfort and ease their loneliness. He would often visit the fledgling peoples and listen to their stories, eager to hear the greatest legends among each society. As he heard the stories, he would paint the skies and bring life to the stories among the stars.

Shaping the Heavens also allowed Bogadh to navigate the realm of Sylfaen more easily, and, as he used the stars he made as markers for where he would travel, he also taught the people of the world how to face the night and explore the world around them.


Bogadh often appears to his followers as an old man, dressed in well-worn clothing and holding a white cedar walking stick.


Deities of Sylfaen


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