Vital Statistics

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Domains: None (Lost Deity)

Portfolio: None (Lost Deity)

Worshipers: Falcolnfolk, kinslayers

Favored Weapon: None (Lost Deity)

Titles: The Star Goddess, The Betrayer Goddess


Not all lost deities are forgotten. Such is the case with Lywra. She will always be remembered as the goddess who betrayed her own sister, Gela, which resulted in her eternal imprisonment amongst the stars of the night sky.

Originally Lywra worked harmoniously with the other gods and goddesses. Lywra’s sky provided the perfect canvas for Gela’s light and warmth during the day, as well as Bogadh’s constellations at night. But during Creation, Lywra grew envious of how the plants and animals of Sylfaen reveled in the warm light of day and hid themselves away to shiver in the cold and lonely nights. If it was not for Lywra’s domain, Gela would not have had a vessel to provide her light and warmth to Sylfaen, and Lywra grew spiteful and jealous.

With a spell granted to her from Gorm, Lywra attempted to destroy Gela’s sun but merely brought the wrath of Teosek upon her. Teosek was moments away from killing Lywra, but Gela stopped him. She could not see her sister killed, for her heart was too full of compassion and forgiveness. Instead Lywra’s penance was to watch over the creatures of Sylfaen each night, as one of Bogadh’s constellations.

Lywra’s avian-shaped constellation sits in the southern sky and is most easily seen during the winter months. Five stars stretch in a slight arc from east to west representing the wingspan of a bird. South of the central star of the wingspan lie two more stars which represent the body of the bird, before the body splits southeasterly and southwesterly into the tail of the bird, represented by the final two stars.


Lywra was once a humanoid woman who wore a silvery gown, over which she wore a feathery cloak of varying shades of browns and grays. Upon her face she wore a mask, also of feathers, which covered only the top half of her head. It is said that only her sister Gela knew her true appearance that was hidden beneath the mask.


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