Obthic Grazgthal

A retired dwarf adventurer who currently resides in the small quarry village of Pinecrest and acts as the local “hedge wizard.”

What you know about Obthic:
While not actually a wizard, Obthic is trained in arcane magic as a bard, and was once part of a very successful adventuring party known as Emerald Vengeance. A teller of great tales, one in particular reveals how he came to raise Hazkal, a red dragon, from birth.

A few years back, Hazkal abruptly left Pinecrest and settled in Angand’s Mine, an abandoned mine of the former Kolgrund Empire. Since Hazkal’s departure, Obthic has visited Angand’s Mine in regular intervals, as the dragon still enjoys the old dwarf’s company. Most of the people of Pinecrest don’t really understand why Obthic would want to be friends with Hazkal, but they’re happy to not have to deal with a red dragon anymore.

How Hazkal came to be:
On one of their adventures, Emerald Vengeance fought and killed a mighty red dragon named Valamaugh that had been tormenting the village of Holmfirth. Afterwards, while rifling through the dragon’s treasure hoard, Obthic discovered within a nearby open flame, a four foot tall, unhatched, pink egg. Valamaugh’s offspring. Obthic was quite conflicted.

Some of the others wished to destroy the egg at that very moment, while others looked to sell it in the marketplace to the highest bidder. Obthic would have none of it. He forsook his share of the treasure hoard to claim the egg for himself. He was a wise old orator by that point of his life and believed that a creature raised with a kind and loving hand could also be kind and loving. It was the old nature versus nurture debate.

Realizing that his age was finally catching up with him, Obthic decided to retire from adventuring. He desired to be close to his homelands, The Dwarven Lands, but he knew that no dwarf kingdom would ever welcome a dragon in their midsts. So he settled for the small quarry village of Pinecrest.

Obthic Grazgthal

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