Vital Statistics

The Symbol of Saori

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Domains: Chaos, Charm, Good, Liberation, Luck

Portfolio: Freedom, Love, Luck, Spontaneity

Worshipers: Gamblers, Freedom Fighters, Refugees, Travelers

Favored Weapon: Spear

Titles: The Dreamer, The Gentle Queen, Mother of Fortune


One of the oldest gods of Sylfaen, Saori was a spectator during much of Pre-Creation, content to allow the free spirits of the primordial beings to dictate their fate. When fighting between the gods erupted, Saori attempted to stay away from many of the battles, preferring to let the conflict run its course.

After the Purgation, however, Saori was unable to avoid the attention of a newer being, Daor, who had risen to power. When they finally met on the battlefield, they fought for seventy days. Daor was obsessed with destroying the Goodness and Freedom for which Saori stood, and his rage fueled him so that his power was neigh unbeatable.

When one of his attacks broke through her defenses, Saori found his whip coiled about her neck. With no other choice, Saori used all of the power that remained within her to bind Daor to the earth with unbreakable chains. Daor was unwilling to release his prize, and Saori found herself trapped with him.

Though she is still able to influence the world in some ways around her, Saori’s power has been greatly diminished despite the fervor of her plentiful followers. Her continued sacrifice keeps the evil of Daor from touching the Material Plane until such day when the greater gods can find a way to destroy Daor completely.


Saori is often depicted as a winged woman with beautiful features and a Bird of Paradise woven within her golden hair.


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