Sir Manfred Hawksinger

This holy knight wears shining half plate armor with winged pauldrons.

LG male human paladin of Teosek 1

Manfred heard the calling to serve Teosek at a young age. Growing up in the city of New Eldenshire he trained at the Great Arbiter’s Academy and learned the ways of the God of Gods. There he met his wife Isabelle, a training priestess of Gela. After sufficiently proving their devotion to the greater good, the pair traveled westward to spread the ways of their deities. Eventually they found themselves in Pinecrest and settled there. Since then they have built the House of Light and Honor, a sanctuary for worshipers.

Sir Manfred is currently preparing himself for a long journey as he plans to soon travel across the Fields of Ruin to Belzak’s Watchtower. He was commissioned by the Ovir Clan to scout the location and possibly remove any minor threats so that the Clan may eventually settle there and restore the ruined tower to its former glory.

Sir Manfred Hawksinger

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