Vital Statistics

NOT The Symbol of Smeden SHOULD BE AN ANVIL

Alignment: Lawful Good

Domains: Artifice, Good, Law, Earth, Community

Portfolio: Iron Forging, Crafting, Mining, Quarrying

Worshipers: Dwarves, Blacksmiths, Gnomes, Miners

Favored Weapon: Warhammer

Titles: The Dwarfsmith, The Great Artisan, Father Anvil


During the god wars of Pre-Creation, Smeden forged weapons and armor for Teosek’s armies. Soon after Creation, Teosek rewarded Smeden for his assistance during the war and granted him permission to forge a creation of his own. This led to the creation of the Dwarf race. (see the Races of Sylfaen)


Smeden appears as a muscled dwarf, thick of body, and skin reddened from the heat of his forge. He wears a blacksmith’s apron and wields his mithral warhammer, bejeweled with rare precious stones, which doubles as his smith’s tool and a weapon.


Deities of Sylfaen


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