Steward Hendrik Greystone

This middle aged dwarf appears lost in thought as he nervously rubs his hands together.

LN male dwarf expert 1/warrior 2

Hendrik Greystone is the Steward of Pinecrest, appointed by the elders of the Ovir Clan of Vorn Moldir. Due to the fact that almost everyone in the village is of the Ovir Clan or works at the quarry, there is little need for a permanent guard. The role of law enforcement rests solely in Hendrik’s hands.

As winter soon approaches it is Hendrik’s responsibility to coordinate with Quarrymaster Falgen Bazack so that the final haul of quarry stone back to the mother land goes smoothly. The disappearance of Obthic has unnerved the Steward for he sees it as the possible emergence of darker days ahead.

Steward Hendrik Greystone

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